By John Weagly

We got together last night (Sunday 10/7) for the first read-thru of CLOCKWORK ADORATION.

We met at the Infusion Theatre Company office, which is on the same floor as several dentists (sounds like a good name for a mad scientist – Dr. Infusion, D.D.S.)

It looks like this show is going to come together quite nicely.

We had three of our five actors there. Director Steven Thomas and Dramaturg/Infusion Literary Manager/Project Coordinator Jamie Bragg filled in for the other roles.

There were Ginger Snaps.

The read-thru went well, plenty of singing and laughing I’d never heard the entire script out loud, and it was eye-opening. We had a lively discussion afterwards. This is always the most fascinating part of a rehearsal for me – people coming up with interesting ideas and interpretations that I never considered, but, upon hearing them, make perfect sense.

Also, the Ginger Snaps were yummy.

Re-writes took place as soon as I got home and a new script went out this morning. That’s what play development is all about!

Looking forward to rehearsal #2!

Now I just have to find the time to sit down and write – DR. INFUSION, D.D.S.: BICUSPID OR BUST!

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